When seeking elected office, all candidates put their experience and skills forward as being appropriate to the position sought. I do this, no less than anyone else. But I make the point that my view sits better alongside the view of those for and with whom I have gained the experience I claim. So:

(Relevant to my experience & skills should I become your Police & Crime Commissioner)

About my service in the Royal Navy: Admiral Sir Nigel Essenhigh GBC ADC, the then First Sea Lord wrote: ‘The attached record reinforces my perception of the extent of your contribution and underlines the notable highlights which are indicative of your exceptional service; you should be justifiably proud of your many fine achievements. The Admiralty Board joins me in sending you and Alison our very best wishes for every happiness and success in the future.’

As the Director of Personnel Strategy for the Armed Forces in the Ministry of Defence: The then Vice Chief of Defence Staff, Vice Admiral Sir Peter Abbott wrote: ‘Michael has again been bounced with a difficult challenge at short notice. He has an excellent analytical brain and huge drive and these talents are in short supply.’ The then Deputy Chief of Defence Staff wrote: ‘Lane has made a considerable impact in helping remediate the change engine of our personnel strategy. His breadth of understanding of the business processes and the strengths and weaknesses of current relationships has been crucial in our identifying how best to improve performance.’ The Commercial Director of our multinational partner wrote: ‘He leads by personal example and has infinite patience and tact when dealing with stakeholders reluctant to change. I have the greatest respect for his negotiating skills. His driving determination, indomitable spirit and sheer tenacity provided significant progress.’ This work related to a change project of some £600M and that impacted across all three Services.

The Chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee wrote: ‘He has adapted rapidly to the professional environment of the Cabinet Office and has shown a high degree of professional expertise and intellectual insight. He seems to have all the qualities necessary for further promotion.’   The Promotion Board particularly emphasised that I had ‘provided numerous detailed and accurate briefs to senior Ministers on military and technological developments.’ This job at the heart of Government included involvement in National Security and Crisis Management and required liaison with the Metropolitan Police and other Agencies on a regular and privileged basis.