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Excellence of Hampshire’s Chief Constable recognised in new appointment

Andy Marsh, Hampshire’s excellent Chief Constable, deserves the congratulations he will receive on being selected to return tAndy Marsh CC Hantso Avon & Somerset as their next Chief Constable.  He will also deserve thanks for his leadership and successes in Hampshire.

We have been privileged to attract strong candidates to Hampshire in the key role of Chief Constable and this role comes with  ‘extra-large boots’ to fill.

The search for the next incumbent will be as critical to our future as at any time.

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Can You Help?

I am campaigning to be Hampshire’s next Police & Crime Commissioner.  The title of this site gives a clear indication of that, you might think!  But to win this role, I will need help and support.

Can you help?

Generally, I would like your help in identifying your key local issues – do use the contact links on this site to let me know what is working well in your area and also what may need to improve.  Do give me your views on how this may best be achieved.

Specifically, do get in touch if – after you have looked at my experience & skills – you would like to support my campaign to be elected.  There is a support link at the foot of the home page.  I would be very glad to hear from you.

In setting up the system of Police & Crime Commissioners, the Government has nailed its colours to a mast that declares a priority for accountability in local policing through the democratic election of a Local Champion as the PCC.

This is a big task to be vested in an individual.  But, on May 5th next year, it gives us all the chance to elect a candidate to be the voice of the public in determining how policing, criminal justice and community safety should be delivered.

Please join me in ensuring we have a campaign that understands your issues and identifies the key priorities for a safer Hampshire.

Michael – Working to be the best candidate & deserve your vote on 5th May 2016


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Key Vote to elect the 2016 Conservative PCC Candidate

On Saturday 21st November between 1030 and Midday, Conservative Party Members can select their Candidate to be Police & Crime Commissioner for Hampshire in the Election in May next year. Only those in the room at that time will have a say. This is the only way your view will be counted

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Visiting Eastleigh

Having been in Eastleigh a few times over recent years for election campaigning, I took the chance to ‘walk the beat’ a little with a fresh eye to issues over policing and community safety. What is it that many people takIMG_0904e for granted as they go about their daily business, but that behind the scenes are made easier, or indeed possible, through the work of the police and all the safety partnership colleagues?
You could be forgiven for thinking life is very quiet when standing at the front entrance to the police station.  But a quick look at the Crime statistics map shows a different and very busy situation. Eastleigh Crime 2015-10-29 at 12.05.39

Eastleigh Crime Stats Aug 2015In Eastleigh as elsewhere, it is always disheartening to see the number of incidents recorded under ASB.  This is a significant issue in disrupting lives and the community.  It is a significant workload, much of it unnecessary for people and business.  But it is also a motivation to work to reduce the incidents and also to stop reoffending.  Balancing effort, to maximise impact by all the agencies,is a key focus and just one area that I would give a priority for – should I be fortunate to be elected as Hampshire’s PCC.

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99 Crimes Reported in Petersfield in August!

I visited the market in Petersfield today and took the opportunity to talk to some passers by about their concerns.  I was particularly listening for safety and policing issues that might be mentioned.

I have put myself forward to be the next Police & Crime Commissioner for Hampshire.  And when I contemplate standing for a leadership role in my community, I like to hear local voices on the ground,  ‘walking the beat’  as it were, to check that my understanding of the issues have a reality at the local level.

I know this to be a critical time of change and financial challenge for policing specifically and supporting agencies.

Throughout my first career in the Royal Navy, I have frequently met the police as partners and colleagues in this country and overseas.  More recently I have met them as a coach involved with the Commissioner’s Leadership Programme for the Metropolitan Police, where often the discussion has been of strategic issues, Critical National Infrastructure protection and areas a National Security.  So I feel I know something of the strategic context and issues that absorb almost two thirds of Hampshire’s police budget toIMG_0911day.  This is the part funded under a central formula to recognise this strategic context and common policing needs here as elsewhere in the country.

But most recently I have been more locally engaged in our local safety partnership issues as a Councillor.  And thiPetersfield Aug15Crimet 2015-10-27 at 22.36.21s role has reinforced the essential need for this complementary work to deter crime and defeat criminals, who spoil lives and communities.

As I stood in the market, walked by the police station and bought a coffee, I had in mind the statistic that first jumps up from the web – that 99 crimes were reported in this neighbourhood in August.  You wouldn’t know that from the scenes of thriving business and people about their daily life.  But if in this peaceful place there are still 99 crimes, something must need to be done and our police force and partners sustained in their efforts

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Guinness Book of Records World Record Attempt

The lighter side of life in community engagement is not to be under-estimated.  What a joy to be amidst the happy crowd today seeking to gain entry to the Guinness Book of World Records for the ‘greatest number of people to walk a short distance with a book balanced on their heads’.

We didn’t get the record on this occasion (too much fun and not quite enough organisation), but maybe next time …… :-)

Book BalancingIt is of course ‘good to be level headed’ :-)

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Updated focus for Finding Your Future

It has bFYF Bannereen an interesting week for my voluntary work, with a number of new contacts asking me for my ‘Elevator Pitch’ (Usually I get all my work from recommendation or via people who roughly know my skills and background).  As I was answering, I found that I was saying:

  • I am about helping people maximise their potential.  What this means is:
  • Refreshing their leadership (reminding them what led to their being leaders and the motivations they had as leaders when at their most energetic).  I make the difference as a Leader myself and through coaching other leaders.
  • Sharpening the focus on what are the key issues and the results needed to maximise future potential and sustainability.  I make the difference through analysis and challenge.  That this works is based upon my skills to listen, to gather evidence and to engage with the people delivering the outputs, in a dialogue.
  • And, in these times, critical success factors are related to reducing risk through an ability to test the financial reality and viability of plans for the future – to sustain & tune what should continue and to change to what will be required to meet new needs.

One of my audience – ready to do his sales pitch suggested getting it made up as a banner!

So thank you to the Hampshire Flag Company for engaging in the process.  And a shout out for Chris Shipp the designer.image1d4c7b

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Vascular Surgery at QA – At Risk Yet Again !

Yesterday, my in-box lit up with worried people asking how – so soon after the last campaign & professional review – vascular surgery at QA Hospital could once again be at risk for its provision in this hospital.  Good Question.

If this goes ahead, my understanding is that it is the on-immediate-call element for other operations that would be one critical ‘hidden’ loss for patients at QA.  This is an essential aspect of the hospital wider surgical skill base.  Only weeks ago, the argument against QA losing this skill in vascular surgery was won by a campaign recognising the full implications of this as well as retaining a core skill for this surgical intervention generally.

If the doctors, surgeons and commissioning experts agree this is true, then the issue is one that should not be allowed to be reviewed again only a moment (it seems) after the argument has been won for retention at QA.

If they argue there is a change in the essential & immediate need, then they should stand up and be publicly associated with the level of increased risk for patients targeted for treatment at QA.  If they argue that there are cost implications, then this should be made clear as the driver for change and the opportunity should be taken to remove it as a cause through other budget action.

I hope that amongst the motivation to get this correct, once and for all, might be a reminder that the Royal College of Surgeons logo includes ‘advancing surgical standards’.  This is not about having only one place of excellence (we can do it in theory), it is about having excellence delivered at the point of need for patients (we can deliver essential life saving vascular surgery in practice).RCS LOGO

The Portsmouth NHS Trust’s vision is simple….
“To be recognised as a world-class hospital, leading the field through innovative healthcare solutions focused on the best outcome for our patients delivered in a safe, caring and inspiring environment.”
World Class seems to me to need the inclusion of Vascular Surgery.qahlogo

If you agree, then please make the point to QA directly, to our local paper The News (whose coverage today is a very welcome and timely expression of the risk, but recognition of the challenges to retention) or to your local representatives on the patient boards. It seems that unless we fight, and continue to fight, this will happen without a proper explanation of the risk for Gosport’s people (my particular concern) and more widely to the catchment area of QA Hospital.

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Gosport Has An Established Strategic Policy for Transport

It is good news that there is activity, discussion and consultation about transport to, from and within Gosport.  It is a highly important infrastructure enabler to very much of what the future will look like in Gosport.

It is a challenge to confidently work out a plan that makes progress for the future.  It requires effort, commitment and expert skills to be put consistently and coherently to the task.

I think it is good therefore to remember that Gosport Council is ready today, based on long work and a recently updated local plan, to contribute to the discussion as an authoritative and leading voice for what is needed here.  The Council was ready to present for re-affirmation plans that have been tested in the community through consultation.  It was ready to quickly and confidently update its response to take account of current opportunities and to understand what partners would need also.

We need to take care not to be overconfident.  But we have done the work to have a realisable plan as opportunity presents.  This is showing very welcome progress.

And there will be no substitute for the continuing need for commitment, through the further expert work required, to deliver the emerging plans.  The slide below, from our draft Local Plan shows the top layer of breadth of type of use and the critical importance of being aligned with our key partner HCC.