Today, my first priority is about changing how the Role of Hampshire Police & Crime Commissioner is perceived and seeking election to change how the job is done.

It has been and continues to be a privilege to work on big projects that can create the right conditions for our longer term futures.  The essentials include economic growth and community regeneration.

These are things that will matter to our children and grandchildren.  They are things that will allow future generations to test whether we did our best – and something that cannot always be guaranteed, whether it works for their generation.  And these projects motivated my commitment to Public Service.

These are projects that need to be done in partnership and with shared vision and understanding of how good things could be, through reaching for the full potential of opportunities as they come along.  And  it includes pro-actively creating new opportunities.

If you think of this work as constructing a jigsaw: first create a vision of where you want to be (the picture on the box lid); then identify what is already in place (the frame from where you start – it isn’t a blank page); then add the pieces as you can – but it is important to leave space for the larger pieces (the big projects) and keep options open (but make sure the pieces join up to make a whole).

Reflecting my work for Gosport, I hope you can see how this is being achieved if you look at the latest draft Gosport Local Plan (which you can access via the Gosport Borough Council link on the home page)

And it is the same energy, application, skill set and focus to make a positive difference for the community that motivates me to seek to be the next Police & Crime Commissioner for Hampshire.

Jigsaw Image 20130430