I am campaigning to be Hampshire’s next Police & Crime Commissioner.  The title of this site gives a clear indication of that, you might think!  But to win this role, I will need help and support.

Can you help?

Generally, I would like your help in identifying your key local issues – do use the contact links on this site to let me know what is working well in your area and also what may need to improve.  Do give me your views on how this may best be achieved.

Specifically, do get in touch if – after you have looked at my experience & skills – you would like to support my campaign to be elected.  There is a support link at the foot of the home page.  I would be very glad to hear from you.

In setting up the system of Police & Crime Commissioners, the Government has nailed its colours to a mast that declares a priority for accountability in local policing through the democratic election of a Local Champion as the PCC.

This is a big task to be vested in an individual.  But, on May 5th next year, it gives us all the chance to elect a candidate to be the voice of the public in determining how policing, criminal justice and community safety should be delivered.

Please join me in ensuring we have a campaign that understands your issues and identifies the key priorities for a safer Hampshire.

Michael – Working to be the best candidate & deserve your vote on 5th May 2016