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Fabulous Splash Park Opening on Gosport’s Big Day Out

The weather was sunny and the anticipation of a great new attraction brought out the crowds to try out the latest leisure and family attraction at Stokes Bay.  The eagerly awaited Splash Park did not disappoint the hundreds of smiling people who played, got wet, laughed and declared the site truly Open for Fun.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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New TESCO opens in Rowner – Hurrah !!


Michael arriving in some style at the new TESCO in Rowner which opened today.

Really exciting to see this new store adding to the Alver Village and being immediately busy with local people shopping and enjoying the new store.

Well done all involved and Happy Shopping !! :-)

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Gosport Big Day Out – Sunday 2nd June – Check it out !!!!


I hope many of you will have been at previous ‘Gosport Big Day Out‘ days, Celebrating Gosport and having fun.  If you have then hopefully you can revisit favourite things and try new things you hadn’t the time to do last time.

If you haven’t been to one before do Check it out at this link, which will give you all the details (or pick up a leaflet)

And while you are there check out the feast of other summer activities and events and maybe put some in your diaries.

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Gosport Marine Scene – look out for this new network connecting people & businesses to showcase exciting things happening in Gosport

Here is one to watch:

gms_logo_web (small)


This is an exciting opportunity that already has a growing number of people and businesses engaged in celebrating what they are doing. They know that at present this activity and the services that underpin the marine scene locally can be seen as a ‘hidden’ gem.  So they are looking to ensure the breadth of skills and wide interest in the Marine Scene, based in Gosport but outreaching to the Solent and beyond, is celebrated and accessible.

They have ideas for how our fantastic location, Gosport, the Solent and beyond, can be improved and would be delighted to hear from anyone with a contribution to make to the Gosport Marine Scene.

A first low-key event will be held on 9 June, reflecting that this is a network determined to do things and build from there.

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Calling all Service Personnel – Electoral Registration – Don’t Forget to do it.

On my travels today, I met a long serving member of our Armed Forces who was coming to the end of his 22 years of service.

He had a question for me about electoral registration which led me to believe he had not caught up with the current rules for Service Voters.

It made me wonder how many other people who started their service life under one set of rules for registration might also suddenly discover they were not on an electoral roll.

If this could apply to you, do please check.  It is a simple process to register, and to then – if you wish – apply for a proxy or postal vote.

Don’t be left out of making this democratic contribution.  There are elections in 2014 for Local Councils and also for European Parliament and then there will be a General Election on the horizon also.

Do keep your vote alive through registration and do use it – plenty of service people have fought to make it possible for others.

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20 May 13 – Celebration of 250th Anniversary of 1st Gosport Council Meeting

It has been a delight this morning to attend a re-enactment of the first Gosport Council Meeting, held on 19 May 1763, by children of Bedenham Primary School.  They, the children, were in period costume and acted their parts with loud voices and commitment.  It was an impressive effort by them all (and their teachers and parents too, I am sure) to put on a show in Gosport High Street that was a delight to witness.

I enjoyed the thoughtful way they also recognised it as a Twinning event with our guests from Royan, France.  The re-enactment included some confident sentences of greeting and explanation in French.

The conclusion, singing Happy Birthday & proposing three cheers for Gosport Borough Council, could only be appropriately responded to by our new Mayor, Councillor John Beavis, proposing three cheers for the performance by Bedenham School.

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September 2010 – Some early thoughts on being your Councillor

  1. It is busy work. No surprise that individuals want the attention of their Councillor – and I am delighted that a number of you have felt able to make contact in my first few weeks and I have been able to demonstrate that being available and hardworking is no mere campaign promise but a commitment to the work.
  2. As a Councillor there are real opportunities to make a difference in some key Gosport decisions. Being nominated to lead on Economic Development is both an honour and a challenge that I relish. I am also pleased to have been made Vice Chairman of the Housing Board – another key topic for both our Ward and the Borough.

DO PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK: I want to hear from you of your issues. So please do be in touch and feel free to invite me to meetings or events.