It is good news that there is activity, discussion and consultation about transport to, from and within Gosport.  It is a highly important infrastructure enabler to very much of what the future will look like in Gosport.

It is a challenge to confidently work out a plan that makes progress for the future.  It requires effort, commitment and expert skills to be put consistently and coherently to the task.

I think it is good therefore to remember that Gosport Council is ready today, based on long work and a recently updated local plan, to contribute to the discussion as an authoritative and leading voice for what is needed here.  The Council was ready to present for re-affirmation plans that have been tested in the community through consultation.  It was ready to quickly and confidently update its response to take account of current opportunities and to understand what partners would need also.

We need to take care not to be overconfident.  But we have done the work to have a realisable plan as opportunity presents.  This is showing very welcome progress.

And there will be no substitute for the continuing need for commitment, through the further expert work required, to deliver the emerging plans.  The slide below, from our draft Local Plan shows the top layer of breadth of type of use and the critical importance of being aligned with our key partner HCC.