Hello, I am Michael Lane.

I am a candidate to be Hampshire’s next Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC).

I am standing because I believe this is an important job that needs to become more added-value. Today, too many people ‘put up with’ the idea of a PCC, if they think about it at all.  And some people want to go back to the system of overview that existed before 2010, which they thought ‘good enough’.  But we cannot go back and ‘good enough’ isn’t acceptable in these challenging times and with the prospect of further budget cuts and changes following the election in May 2016.

Hampshire needs a PCC who has relevant experience and a track record of success in delivering necessary change and managing in the most challenging of economic times, with budgets already stretched and likely to be squeezed further.

The community needs policing and safety partnerships in Hampshire to be first class. It is essential that the PCC is a Leader ready for the difficult times of change and limited financial resources. Hampshire deserves and needs a PCC who can build partnerships of common purpose with other leaders, who will respect the PCC as an added-value colleague. Hampshire’s Constabulary and its partners need a PCC with skills and a track record of success.

But the job of the PCC starts with being the community’s representative, making the people’s voice heard and their views given fair priority.  And the PCC should be visibly the champion for the community, reporting back on how our professional Police Officers, Staff and partners can and are best able to deliver operationally, those priorities that the community has contributed to setting.

As your Police and Crime Commissioner, I would see myself as:

  • An advocate for the necessary resources and their effective deployment to meet the vision of a safer Hampshire.
  • A challenging and critical friend of the Chief Constable – but as a partner, in a common intent and respectful of the operational imperatives that are the responsibility of the Chief Constable and his team.
  • As the champion of ensuring that both the community view and individuals are heard and these views included in setting appropriate priorities and goals for our professional police service and its partners.

Welcome to my website, which I hope will introduce you to what I am doing and let you test my claim that I am the person with the skills and track record to deliver the leadership and added-value that people should expect of their PCC.

Please contact me with your ideas for how the role of Hampshire PCC could better realise the full potential for the future. A future that is sustainably safer and brighter for people and businesses within Hampshire.