Michael wants Hampshire Police to be the best crime fighting force in the country and the people of Hampshire to see an improvement in outcomes in policing, crime and disorder.

Michael’s priorities will be:
• Listening to, and acting on behalf of, local residents.
• Setting priorities and targets for the Chief Constable in line with expectations and concerns of local people
• Reducing crime and increasing efficiency
• Improving support to the victims of crime
• Protecting the most vulnerable in our society.
• Revising & updating the Police & Crime Plan to reflect changes in funding, crime patterns and national policing obligations

Michael will seek a tougher and more intelligent approach to crime fighting:
• Relentlessly focussing on prolific offenders, recognising they constitute a huge proportion of reported crime, and the impact of their removal on community confidence and increased availability of resource for other tasks;
• Significantly reducing harm that flows from drug and alcohol abuse through ‘Sobriety Orders’ and other action to mitigate supply;
• Cracking down on crimes that harm communities most,
o Including all crimes that target the young and most vulnerable in society;
o And offence of Anti Social behaviour, for its cumulative damage to communities.

Michael will seek absolute transparency on spending as an essential underpinning to realisable cost reduction and necessary culture change. He will seek to maximise efficiencies through the use of technology and, importantly, from an intelligence led focus on priority impact in solving crime and bringing criminals to account.

Michael will deliver an effective and efficient office. Ensuring:
• No duplication of effort.
• Maximum shared approaches, with partners, to deliver safer communities.
• A voice for the people of Hampshire, scrutiny & public accountability.

Success will look like a Police Force respected by the community and visibly reassuring to people as they deter criminals. It will deliver:
o Reduced offending and re-offending
o Reassurance & Support for victims & witnesses
o Making communities and neighbourhoods safer
o Protecting the most vulnerable in society
o Increased partnerships & strong relationships between agencies.
o A motivated Force of Crime Fighters delivering national obligations and local policing efficiently and to a very high quality.