Intelligence led policing is good practice and could be seen as naturally added-value. And, so it should be, representing a professional and focussed approach that demonstrates major impact where deployed by any Police Force.

However, today, the challenge is presented not by the policy intent to include Intelligence Led Policing, but about the balance and extent of this activity at a time of constraint in resources and the challenge of balancing effort across a wide range of priorities competing for this resource.

As PCC, I would see this as a key aspect of seeking to deliver a tougher and more intelligent approach to crime fighting. I see it as directing energy and skills to where they will do most good. This turns practically into concentrating on major crime and major criminals using specialist teams.

It would help deliver an underpinning objective of my draft priorities, that of ‘relentlessly focussing on prolific offenders, recognising they constitute a huge proportion of reported crime, and the impact of their removal on community confidence and increased availability of resource for other tasks.’