It has bFYF Bannereen an interesting week for my voluntary work, with a number of new contacts asking me for my ‘Elevator Pitch’ (Usually I get all my work from recommendation or via people who roughly know my skills and background).  As I was answering, I found that I was saying:

  • I am about helping people maximise their potential.  What this means is:
  • Refreshing their leadership (reminding them what led to their being leaders and the motivations they had as leaders when at their most energetic).  I make the difference as a Leader myself and through coaching other leaders.
  • Sharpening the focus on what are the key issues and the results needed to maximise future potential and sustainability.  I make the difference through analysis and challenge.  That this works is based upon my skills to listen, to gather evidence and to engage with the people delivering the outputs, in a dialogue.
  • And, in these times, critical success factors are related to reducing risk through an ability to test the financial reality and viability of plans for the future – to sustain & tune what should continue and to change to what will be required to meet new needs.

One of my audience – ready to do his sales pitch suggested getting it made up as a banner!

So thank you to the Hampshire Flag Company for engaging in the process.  And a shout out for Chris Shipp the designer.image1d4c7b