Having been in Eastleigh a few times over recent years for election campaigning, I took the chance to ‘walk the beat’ a little with a fresh eye to issues over policing and community safety. What is it that many people takIMG_0904e for granted as they go about their daily business, but that behind the scenes are made easier, or indeed possible, through the work of the police and all the safety partnership colleagues?
You could be forgiven for thinking life is very quiet when standing at the front entrance to the police station.  But a quick look at the Crime statistics map shows a different and very busy situation. Eastleigh Crime 2015-10-29 at 12.05.39

Eastleigh Crime Stats Aug 2015In Eastleigh as elsewhere, it is always disheartening to see the number of incidents recorded under ASB.  This is a significant issue in disrupting lives and the community.  It is a significant workload, much of it unnecessary for people and business.  But it is also a motivation to work to reduce the incidents and also to stop reoffending.  Balancing effort, to maximise impact by all the agencies,is a key focus and just one area that I would give a priority for – should I be fortunate to be elected as Hampshire’s PCC.